Politics or showbiz? It’s the drama, stupid!

Posted: September 7, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English, Miscellaneous
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Indulge me on this one please…

No matter what your political orientation is, check Obama’s speech given at the Democratic National Convention 2012. You don’t need to watch the whole clip. Start, if you prefer it, from minute 34:50 on…

Quite moving al this hope rhetoric, right? I was feeling touched until… I remembered…

Now, check this other clip. It’s a fragment of The Newsroom’s finale. You should start from minute 2:50 until minute 3:55. Go ahead…

Can you also find the similarity or am I hallucinating?

Does Aaron Sorkin own a time machine and put this speech on Will McAvoy’s mouth after attending this convention and listening to Obama’s speech? Or… Do Obama’s speech writers really like Sorkin’s The Newsroom? Is Sorkin the new Eli Attie? Do you know The West Wing?

If you don’t, go, check the character of Matt Santos, and see to whom reminds you of.

Then drop me your thoughts on whether or not you see this link between showbiz and politics.

  1. shenzye says:

    showbiz or politics? It’s the drama, stupid! It is a very interesting topic for discussion and I really found link between the two.

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