Snow: from Denmark to New York

Posted: November 7, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Chronicles, English, Miscellaneous, Photography, Travels
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Today is snowing in New York. I’m not there, but I wish I was.

(cc jennroig)

I still remember my first impression of the snow, when that happened and what I was doing. It was December 14th, very late in the night, the evening before leaving Aarhus, Denmark for good. I was checking my mail before going to sleep when my friend Judy caught me on the chat and told me: have you already seen the snowfall?

What? Is it really snowing? I only thought my question, in fact I never replied because once I opened my bedroom window I was caught by the vision of the small little snow drops falling. There was no green grass anymore, because it was already covered by the whitest blanket. It was not even so cold, so I didn’t take any coat to go out through the window and start touching it, grabbing it, throwing it, doing everything I had seen people in films doing with the snow. When I got into my room again, I was soaked, but it was so much worthy!

I like the snow. Mostly when it is falling and later once it’s covering the streets.

Copenhaguen, Denmark. The view from my friend Anne’s apartment.

The landscape looks so clean, and white and clear, and every noise disappears as snow smooths each step.

There was snow when I was leaving Aarhus.

There was snow when I was leaving Denmark, six moths after I had left Cuba.

There was snow on Amsterdam, when the second semester started, when my face was almost breaking because I wasn’t able to find a good cream to protect my skin.

Waiting for the line to visit the Amsterdam’s branch of the Hermitage

Streets in Reeperbahn, the neiborhood where I lived in Hamburg got covered by snow during the 2010 early winter.

And this was the view from my kitchen window.

I saw the frozen waters from the plane on my way to Finland.

Some point along the way between Helsinki and Riga

There was plenty of snow in Helsinki, even though it was already March, when I visited my friend Eeva.

There was certainly a lot of snow that Christmass night when I was going to a friend’s place to spend the night in company.

The snow has been a partner in this three years journey. Sometimes it made it difficult for me, because I slipped and even fell more than once. But I learnt along the way a great deal about getting back on my feet again.


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