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Posted: November 20, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English
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While driving back home, the radio was on and suddenly a Christian ad popped up. The guy was making the point of people preferring not to believe in God because they wanted to live a permissive life, with no limits and no boundaries.

That’s why I find so upsetting any version of religious ads: I know very decent atheists and very violent, corrupt and hypocritical “believers”. I wonder if the author of that ad has any sense of what moral and ethics are.

Christians burnt people. Jews stoned women to death. Muslims go to train stations with bombs. Fundamentalists are really damaging, and very damaged, people. I would like to see the stats of how many atheists go serial killer. Don’t think too many.

Believing in any God will not define how much of a good person one is. Being taught the difference between right and wrong, and having the courage and principles to stand for what you know is right, it’s what will make that difference.

  1. So raise some money to run an atheist radio ad. I’ll pitch in

  2. jennroig says:

    I wouldn´t advocate for atheism in a radio ad. Or any other ideology for that matter. That would be doing the same I´m criticizing. I was just annoyed by how simplistic, and offensive, that mindset of “Godless people are permissive” was. It´s more a matter of how your family raised you and how much sense your parents taught you.

    • Well, some folk see putting out an ad of their own as a way to fight that mindset. It is what gets into the public conscience that counts and in western societies, that is often enough done with advertisements.

      • jennroig says:

        You might be right, but I still believe it’s a matter of education, not persuasion. No ads, as convincing as may sound, will change anyone’s previous beliefs or ideas. If I could change something, I would change kids’ education, that’s where I’ll put my money. If I had it, anyway.

      • The war is not won on a single fight. Look at all the places that religion is working to get into the public conscience. These and other places are where the battle is happening. Education does not happen in sound bites, but the willingness to learn and explore does. As example, the small bits society learned about the space program inspired thousands of kids to become scientists. NASA did not educate kids in science… they instead gave us sound bites and excitement to learn about it. The ad doesn’t have to be antireligious, it can pro-learning, pro-education,

  3. jennroig says:

    I’m kind of wondering? Do you work at a radio station? I’m just curious because I would have never thought on the possibility of actually pitching for a radio ad…
    Regarding our small debate… As journalist, honestly, what I can tell is no ad in any radio would help to change any one mind, and probably not even an ad campaign, because people tend to just listen to and consider whatever they already think and agree with. That´s why all this huge polarization. Internet has made it so easy for people to only consume and listen to what they want, without listening to any challenging idea.
    That’s why I think it’s got be done through education, regulated and shared education in schools, so that people can have at least a shared based to start building something, religion and every other philosophy can be taught at church or at home, but a society have to share some bases. And I’m not even American yet to push for that.

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