Why everybody isn’t like this guy?

Posted: November 20, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English
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I have just read this piece of commentary by a business owner,

“I supported Governor Romney in the election. He lost. It’s over. President Obama is our president. He deserves our support. Or at the very least our respect. Because that’s what smart business people do. They put emotions aside and run their businesses based on the facts. Everyone has had their chance to cast their vote. But now that the election is over, life carries on and so does business. We have our employees, our families, our customers and partners to worry about. We need to adjust to the current climate and do what’s necessary to grow our businesses, maximize our profits and provide for those that depend on us. So what will smart business people be doing to profit under the next four years while Barack Obama is president? They will be making lots of moves. I can think of many such moves, but here are just a few for now.”

I honestly wish more people would have the mindset of this guy.

“We know what the president’s plans are and we know that he has the political capital to accomplish some of those plans. So therefore we know that these industries will be the ones that benefit over the next four years. You don’t need to be in those industries to profit. You just need to sell into them. Because growing companies that are providing educational services, construction, engineering, technology, new batteries, and yes, even Hillary 2016 stickers may need your products. The same goes for those companies who have significant interests (or plan to expand into) Vietnam, Chile or Peru. Smart business people will be changing their marketing to sell to those businesses or into those industries and avoiding those industries that are expecting slower growth. They will buy lists, customize their offerings, hire salespeople with specialized vertical experience and re-cast themselves as “experts” in what those industries need, even if it’s office supplies or roofing services.”

The full thing is here.


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