Where were my thoughts on Thanksgiving?

Posted: November 23, 2012 by jennroig in Commentary, English
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Comediant Aasif Mandvi posted this for Thanksgiving in his Twitter account: “Happy Thanksgiving America! My thoughts go out to the innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians and children who are caught in the madness!”

He’s right. However, when I read his post, my thoughts went to a very different place. I mean, I’m sorry for Palestinians, but I believe they are not as bad as others, at least they have plenty of media attention and the attention of so many activists around the world.

My thoughts went to so many anonymous people who were hungry while so many others were having a nice meal, whether turkey or not. (Notice I just thought about them as a reaction to Mandvi’s post, not that I’m Mother Teresa of Calcuta)

There are thousands of kids around the world dying from preventable diseases, there are soldiers dying from friendly fire, there are people being executed after being kidnapped, etc…..

All of those are having as bad time as Palestinians, and no one notice it!


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