Newtown: guns, wounds and scars

Posted: December 14, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English
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This is the image that most likely will be linked to the tragedy of Newtown, CT.

AP Photo

AP Photo

It is heartbreaking.

It’s Columbine all over again.

There is no sense in this world that can explain or justify this.

Children should not be victims, witnesses, to this kind of violence. To any violence at all. At 5, 7 or 10, no one should have to carry such memories for the rest of their lives.

I feel for all the nightmares these kids will suffer. I feel for the parents who lost their boys and girls. I feel for every parent, because they will be afraid every morning when they leave their kids at the school’s gate.

I don’t know what to feel for Adam Lanza…

Many people in this country think it’s not the moment to start the conversation about gun control. However, this was the 7th mass murder that has occured in this country in 2012. It is hard to fully know and understand all the arguments and feelings involved, that´s why I will start by stating my own thoughts and feelings.

I’ve come to this country with the intention to stay. I’d like, if I ever have a child, to grow in place safe. A good definition of safe, for me, involves no guns. No guns at all. Of course, this is unlikely to happen. But gun control is more achievable ad realistic. Many people in this country are still opposed to same sex marriage and soft drugs. Well, I can’t see how that is more harmful than guns being sold in the Internet:


My aunt is perplexed, she is right now speaking outloud, without pause, how things have changed, how things were different when she was growing, how her nephew is growing in such violent environment.

She claims all those violent videogames are to blame. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s probable something’s rotten in the culture, in the way we communicate, what we admire, what we support or just close our eyes to remain ignorants. I don’t think it’s only about weapons, because unarmed people are still able to kill other people with their bare hands. But I think no one can kill almost 20 kids in just minutes, using only bare hands.

Still, there’s something I feel most than everything else. And it’s about the media. Life will change forever for every soul involved in this shooting. Scars will be there in the hearts and minds of childre, parents, teachers, first responders, the whole community, in the same way that scars remain for Columbine survivers, and Colorado survivers. But the media will replace this story for another story, without trying to discuss a way for the story not to repeat.


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