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Posted: December 18, 2012 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English, Miscellaneous
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Internet is amazing. Without Internet, I would be bored right now. Correction: broadband Internet is awesome.

Anyway, instead of boring myself, I’ve been scrolling down Twitter, where I find two widely addressed subjects. Considering the people and entities I follow, the shooting in Newtown, and the debate about gun control, is taking a lot of attention. That’s reasonable, somehow predictable.

The second topic widely covered and mentioned it’s the new thing about Instagram. Apparently, people are or were upset about Instagram’s privacy policies. I don’t know much about it. I don’t care about Instagram, so if this caught your attention, look for the news yourself. And yes, I find somehow weird, or out of place, to see in the news such preoccupation, almost equal amount of coverage, around two very different stories, in nature, in scope and I like to think in relevance.

I care about the shooting. I’m worried about it. I’ve moved to the USA, I have no kids, but perhaps I might have one someday.To make it clear, I’m pro gun control. And I am mostly because I lived in Europe. Even if the crisis does not help potential immigrants to stay there, and I didn’t like that constantly rainy weather, and dark winters, and my inability to pronounce umlauts in German make it impossible for me to adapt to that country, I always felt safe there. As I felt safe in Denmark, in Italy, in Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, and practically every country I visited or lived while I was on the other side of the Atlantic. And that was, very much, because Europeans don’t own guns.

Yes, there was that Norway massacre by Breivik. But that was an isolated fact. There are no shootings in Japan either. I haven’t heard of any in Chile, or China. And guess what those extremely different countries have in common? No guns.

This guy makes a pretty good argument about it: Seven Pro-Gun Arguments Examined

Then, that’s why I’ve been asking almost every US citizen I know to sign some of the petitions posted on the White House “We the People” section. I checked today how it was doing  the request I made my aunt sign on December 14th, asking to start the conversation about gun control now. It is quite rewarding to find that the number that will, supposedly, force the White House to address the issue it has already surpassed the necessary figure. However, it is not so satisfying to see that another request, “asking president Obama to support law abiding gun owners” has already reached the necessary number of signatures as well. But, well, I confess I was been nahive for not considering this would happen.

Actually, there might be a good side to this. There’s no petition asking to dismiss the conversation about it. Maybe the debate will trigger after all. But I do think what can actually do the House or the Senate or Obama himself if people are so divided about this as well. But, is people so divided, really? None of these numbers are actually representative of the American citizenry. I wonder if there’s a form to propose a pleibiscite on this subject and let people vote. Is that a possibility at all according this country’s laws?

Anyway, moving on, Instagram. I wonder if it’s actually so important to find out that they may or may not following Facebook’s example in the total disrespect of users’ privacy. But hey, I was listening a Canadian comedian the other day, while procrastinating, and he was making an actually good point. Facebook is free, so it’s Instagram, and Pinterest, and almost every email account we have, so… And we actually signed the contract before signing up and having an account. Yes, I did read the contract. I was aware and that’s why I don’t upload or post any important piece of information about anything important to me, or to people I care about. Maybe we just need to step back and think it twice.

By the way, there’s a third piece of news, not so important, not so covered, yet. Django Unchained will break in the movies on December 24th. Just in case you care…

  1. Thanks for the props on my gun control article!

    About Instagram, I understand what you’re saying, but I still think it is kind of sneaky of them to do what they’re doing.

    • jennroig says:

      I get it, it is sneaky. But is it really such a big surprise? Come on! there has to be a business model somehow, do people really believe their data is not for trade?

      • You’re right. But we live in a world where mammoth corporations regularly take advantage of the little guy in as many ways as they can get away with. It would be nice if they’d just let people engage in photo sharing and social networking without stealing the rights to our photos as well.

        Oh well. Those who don’t like it can always just stop using Instagram. We still have a choice!

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