Cassandra at odds

Posted: December 26, 2012 by jennroig in English, Miscellaneous
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Cassandra is a mythological character. A sad, tragic one. She was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, king and queen of Troy when it was destroyed by the Greeks. There are many versions of Cassandra’s original curse, but it always refers to a beautiful girl with the possibility of seeing into the future, with no one believing her.


Well, yes, Cassandra could foresee the future. How about the past?

Stupid idea, who needs to foresee the past? It’s gone, it has been lived, there are no secrets on the past. At least our individual past.

However, memory is a tricky thing. I’ve got some taste of that these past days.

I’ve met someone from my past. I knew his name, his surname, I could remember a lot of things, and I certainly thought I’d remembered everything, until he started to tell pieces of memories I couldn’t recall. Not just one scene, or conversation, or somebody’s name, but the whole thing. I had forgotten people he had introduced me, even a full night episode.

While he was telling me, I had the flashbacks, slowly recovering moments, remembering people, drawing scenarios, the feeling of a probable weather… I hated the feeling that I had lost parts of my life. I got scared of the possibility of having lost even more moments, more people, more feelings and thoughts.

Funny thing is that I believed I had a nice memory. Sometimes I’m lazy to take photographs because I think I better live the moment as intensely as I can, because if it’s intense, then the memory will remain. I’m not so sure now.

I’m do think Cassandra was cursed. Even if I come to wish it many times, I rather go for not seeing into my future.

How about the past? Oblivion can be a blessing sometimes, if it allows to forget painful moments. Blocking those images from my mind it’s a skill I’ve developed. Of course, I like to think I’ve kept the life lessons. But the surprise has come to prove me that I have blocked, or lost, not only the sad parts.

So, is it there anyway to prevent memories to vanish? If a curse or a bless was proposed, to prevent those pieces of life from being redacted, the good and the bad ones, would be worthy to take it?


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