Disadvantages of attending someone else’s wedding

Posted: January 10, 2013 by jennroig in Articles, Chronicles, English
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-runaway-bride-funny-wedding-cakPeer pressure, to begin with. You are in a wedding and suddenly everybody realizes you’re single, and for some weird reason that becomes a reason to show compassion for your “loneliness”, and you start listening to pep talks about how the day will come you’ll find the right one, and no matter how cool you feel about the fact that you are 30 and single, they keep telling you that you don’t need to get desperate, and you even if you want, you are not able to find the chance of telling everybody you are not desperate, not by any means, that you feel terrific about the fact that you may still enjoy the thrills of dating, and meeting new people, but they insist that love will come and finally will show there is nothing like being in love with your soul mate, that moment you’ll feel butterflies in your stomach. Right then you look at everybody, remembering the divorce rates keep rising all over the world, and you start suspecting something has to be wrong with the water they are drinking, because it’s the only common thing they are all consuming…

Well, something along those lines happened to me yesterday. I must be honest and confess it’s a single experience, because I try to keep myself as far as possible from wedding celebrations, but yesterday night was unavoidable. My cousin was celebrating his second nuptials with the second Brazilian of his life. Whatever…

So, here’s pretty much how the story goes.

I arrived early -I must have some Danish or English ancestor because I’m freakingly punctual which is by the way very annoying if you move around in a Hispanic universe. But I was not the first one actually, there were some others already there, waiting for the groom and the bride, who told everybody to be early, so they could be sure to arrive to a place with an already set quorum. Whatever….

I’m not complaining about the timing. At least it gave me the chance to laugh a bit of some guests, female guests, dressed in a very sexy, showing lots of flesh, fashion. From the moment I checked these gals, I knew many of them would be very cold, and later very drunk to stop been cold, going through the night. What I complain about it’s the hall. On January 10, it was still decorated for Christmas… This hall belongs to a Brazilian restaurant, couldn’t they take away the freaking Christmass tree and replace it with anything else?

So, we were around 40 people inside… not enough space. But we are friendly people, most of the time. At least Cubans are friendly with other Cubans and polite to Brazilians, and viceversa, but that language barrier I guess it’s to blame for the not enough mingling of the guests. Then it turned out that when the night hits its peak, Brazilians were chatting with Brazilians, Cubans with Cubans, producing all together such loud whisper sound it could drive you crazy.

But that’s not actually the disadvantage of being in someone else’s wedding. I guess not all wedding are annoying. But if you are single, and have some a-decade-older cousin whose friends are all married, make sure you’ll take a date with you. Hell rent a male escort if you have to!

There I was, in my thirties, surrounded by almost forty or passed forty, whether engaged, married, parents, grandparents… I missed my single friends as I can’t even start to describe it!

So, but why do I get to hate so much these wedding celebrations?Well, there are some issues with marriage by itself. It has been a way tobuy and sell women for centuries, and ultimately to control them. The only reasons male thought in terms of marriage was to secure their descendants, considering that until very recently only women could be sure who the father of the child was… and sometimes not even they could tell for sure. And afterwards marriage has become a career for some women who dismiss their potential and opt for the easy way of finding a guy who support them. Isn’t that a way to legalize prostitution? Whatever… And then, because it has turned into a silly tradition, that a lot of people accept because they like the dresses, the parties, the pictures, and the gifts!

But that is not my reason, or not the whole deal. It has something to do with the idea of prefering to remain free, while I don’t find a relationship that will be dead with the routine of washing someone else’s dirty socks. It’s not only because I believe 30 is still pretty young and I have plenty of time to make one of the most important decisions of a lifetime, especially if I hate divorces. It has more to do with the idea that marriage is private, it’s the construction of a social institution that should be carried out only by responsible people, and it doesn’t need to be celebrated in public, with fancy clothes, and a lot of spending, but discretely, with only the closest at the most.

Still, there’s something more… Unless I need to get marry for some legal reason, I think I’m comfortable with the idea of waiting for the moment everybody can get married and not just a few. Yes, Everybody.


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