Another shooting – bullets party keeps on!

Posted: January 22, 2013 by jennroig in Articles, Commentary, English
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Fox News:  Lone Star College Shooting

Fox News: Lone Star College Shooting

So, if you check right now the news, let’s say TV news, more exactly local PBS news in Tampa, you can see the weather report. Like 5 minutes ago, they were speaking about Obama’s inauguration. Then 10 minutes ago, they were discussing about the outcome of BP oil spill, and around 20 minutes ago they were breaking the news of a shooting at the Lone Star College in Texas. And there is a shooting! Again!

Few words before very sensitive and hyper reactive people start freaking out about it. It is very unlikely the sun storm or whatever phenomenon is going on there, will has anything to do with a guy going nuts with a happy trigger.

According the media, right now there is no certainty whether it’s something related to gangs, or mental health. Then, we are back to the issue under heavy discussion since the shootings at the elementary school in Newtown: with serious gun, it’s likely to have less of these shootings. It’s true, people will keep killing each other, but the number of casualties will significantly go down if they have only knives, or bare fists. Yes, mental health is important, but not enough!

So, what is this shooting in Texas telling us? Obama’s 23 executive actions might not be enough. A person can go nuts over the night, so that exam to test his or her sanity taken before getting a license and getting the gun, is very useless. Besides, Lanza didn’t have a license, he was not the owner, but the mother. No guns, period.

And stop pointing to the second amendment, there weren’t assaults weapons back then. Actually, it’s ok if muskets are the available weapons.

Otherwise, just amend the amendment! I was listening to a teenager a few days ago, a black teen, and he was noticing that societies change, and laws must change along societies. He would have been a slave in the 1700’s, but now there’s a black guy making decisions at the White House’s Oval Office!

  1. lwk2431 says:

    “And stop pointing to the second amendment, there weren’t assaults weapons back then.”

    Whatever you may think about the 2nd Amendment, there is absolutely no doubt _why_ the Founders wrote it. They said so explicitly. You can find plenty of quotes. An “Assault Rifle” in the context of today is exactly what they meant.

    “Otherwise, just amend the amendment! ”

    That is not politically possible. Too many people in Congress want to get re-elected and a lot of their voters own guns. I guarantee in Texas we will end the career of _any_ politician who goes along with the President on gun control.

    “A person can go nuts over the night, so that exam to test his or her sanity taken before getting a license and getting the gun, is very useless.”

    That is why a lot of people getting training and a license to carry a concealed handgun is the way to go. Every state that has adopted “shall issue” laws have seen a decrease in violence in public. It started in Florida back in the 1980s when a lot of women were getting attacked and raped. Once women started carrying guns that ended a lot of that violence.

    “According the media, right now there is no certainty whether it’s something related to gangs, or mental health.”

    As matter of fact if you don’t live in an inner city with drug violence then the homicide rate in your town is most likely comparable to some of the nicest places in Europe. In my town last year it was 0. It is the absolutely horrible stats in inner cities with kids on drugs, and selling drugs, and huge joblessness and hopelessness that leads to obscene homicide rates in places like New Orleans, Chicago, or D.C.

    Drugs is a large part of the problem in inner cities. That is the problem that needs to be solved, not guns. And I am beginning to wonder if legal drugs are not strongly implicated in the young white kids doing a school mass murder. As far as we know now a lot of them were on legally prescribed psychotropic drugs like Ritalin. In Vietnam we used drugs to keep people awake and remove inhibitions for killing. You might notice the severe mental issues many of my fellow Vietnam veterans suffered, if you read history.

    Maybe we are prescribing drugs to a lot of young men that is in some cases drastically affecting their mind, taking away remorse and conscious, and causing thoughts of violence?

    The drug industry is a lot bigger and more powerful than the companies that manufacture handguns and semi-automatic rifles.

    Back when I was growing up in the 1950s some people had M1 Garand rifles (WWII/Korean battle rifle) and M1 Carbines (the 20 round “assault rifle” of those same wars) in their closets. Kids sometimes carried rifles to school. You could buy surplus rifles picked up off the battlefields of WWII by mail order in the back of a comic book. We didn’t have any school murders.

    I really think we need to look at the drugs that psychiatrists are doling out by the truckload to young kids.

    • jennroig says:

      Whoever you are, thank you for your comment. You have made your point in a clear, respectful way. Thank you for that.
      That being said, I must say your words made me sad.
      I know gun violence is a complex problem. There are many influencing variables, way too many questions, and speculation, and almost no certainty on what could be the origin.
      You might be right, guns alone cannot be the problem, because there are other countries where it’s legal to own guns, and violence rates are not nearly as high. There must be other factors in play.
      However, my sense of logic tells me that where there’s no gun, there can’t be no mass shooting.
      Obviously, USA won’t be free from guns… probably never. But giving a lisence in Florida to sell a million more guns, I don’t believe it will make it safer, and I think it will make it more dangerous. You can be right on what you are saying, about violence against women dropping after women started to carry guns, but are you sure it’s just that? Wasn’t there more police attention? Didn’t the media contributed with campaigns, debates? Haven’t schools prepared girls to be more careful and to react when their partners behave violently? Didn’t the churches advocate to help these women?
      These are honest questions, I just got here, I don’t know how has Florida developed during the last years. I’ve always followed closely USA politics, but at the federal level.
      Finally, you said any politician from Texas would lose its career if he or she would support Obama’s policies. That’s sad. I have had a gun in my hands, I know the feeling of power that it brings to you. I learnt to shoot. And let me tell you, I don’t want one of those any place near me.

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