Cuban news coverage: I

Posted: February 7, 2013 by jennroig in Commentary, English, Reviews
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Since I left Cuba, one of the biggest challenges has been trying to explain Cuba to non-Cubans. No wonder it’s hard, everybody seems to have strong opinions on Cuba, whether or not based on facts, whether or not they have ever been in the island. Heck, not even Cubans agree on how we see and think about Cuba!

Yet, not even a single time I left those questions answered, even though I never succeeded to provide full understanding on any issue. It was always having to answer another question after half an answer, and so on…

But this wasn’t nearly as frustrating as trying to explain my disdain for news coverage about Cuban topics and events. It is difficult, not to say almost impossible, to produce good, fair, balanced and accurate investigative journalism in the island, at least when it comes to tackle the most relevant issues, the taboo issues. Those same issues, when covered by foreigners, tend to be a joke, because they simply don’t understand.

This rule, however, gets broken from time to time. Eventually, some clever articles and analysis pop up on the Web or some traditional media. That’s what I will try to do from now on. I will try to find and gather those pieces of good journalism here on this blog. I can’t tell how frequently I’ll be able to deliver, because that will mainly depend on someone else’s good job.

This first roundup:

Sueño con serpientes de mar, by Fernando Ravsberg, BBC. It covers the issue of the internet cable that was brought from Venezuela to Cuba. It sheds light on expenses, official testimonies, chronology, future perspectives, from a fairly balanced point of view.

Nip and tuck in, by The Economist. I know, this is a kind of old article, but I’ve just found it and believe it’s still relevant, interesting, and it brings to the table the issue of the Business of Medicine in Cuba, in terms of training foreign medicine students, and sending doctors abroad to sell services. Worthy reading.

Castro, Obama y la papa caliente, by Ángel Ricardo Martínez, La Prensa. The article covers another controversial issue that has been discussed in the media lately: the migration reforms in Cuba. The writer made his homework researching the facts -though sometimes the analysis misses the knowledge of the inside eye- and raises a few valid points for the future, such as what influence could this reform bring to the Cuban Adjustment Law in the USA, considering the law allows Cubans to go out for two years without missing their citizens’ rights, while in the USA they can get the residency after waiting a year.

From now on, I’ll try to do this fairly often. So, if you find aything relevant, that you may think it’s worthy, share it with me so I can add it here… or break your bubble and dismiss it.


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