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Posted: April 17, 2013 by jennroig in Commentary, English
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Armslist: Online website to post classifieds for guns

Armslist: Online website to post classifieds for guns

Today, April 17, 2013, mid afternoon, The New York Times published a very interesting piece of investigative journalism –Seeking Gun or Selling One, Web Is a Land of Few Rules– to show how relatively easy someone with criminal records could buy weapons online, because of the anonymity of the trade, and how poorly regulated it is. 

Minutes later, every major news media is breaking the news that the senate killed the bipartisan bill that would have made more extensive and effective background checks, with the purpose of preventing criminals from getting access to weapons. It wouldn´t have been perfect, but at least it would have been something. Here is what AP published

Still, according FBI stats from 2011, firearms killed more people than any other type of lethal violence, in the USA.

I can’t find the sense to it. No logical sense. 90% among Americans support background checks. Even 78% of NRA households support it as well.

Later, Obama made a public statement about the vote outcome, the kind of speech that could satisfy liberals and upset gun adovocates. But at the end, so what?

  1. Unfortunately, the US government has very little to do with the actual wishes of the voting public. It has considerably more to do with how much money lobbyists shoved into the back pockets of our Senators and Congressmen. And most of the public is too busy watching Honey Boo Boo or American Idol to care.

    • jennroig says:

      It’s so sad! Actually, I was helping my little cousin with a school project that has to do precisely with monitoring the gun debate issue on the news media. It’s annoying how she gets a closure for her project, but the wrong one

  2. higley7 says:

    “90% among Americans support background checks”

    We already have background checks. That’s not the problem. We DO NOT WANT expanded background checks which collect information regarding the firearm to be purchased and serves to create a firearm registry. There is no way a registry, derived in any way, is acceptable. It is just a step away from confiscation, which is ALWAYS the next step by a government who wants to oppress its people. And if you do not think that our government is not working very hard to take over our lives, then you are grossly uninformed.

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