I do like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

Posted: August 20, 2013 by jennroig in Commentary, English
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I know this I’m getting very late to this party, but I just watched the latest episode of Teen Reacts and they are discussing this very issue.

So, as a woman, I gotta say I think some of us, and some guys, are kind of overreacting to Thicke’s tune, claiming it’s offensive, and it diminishes women. Sisters, let’s not make a very big fuzz of this, because it’s really not worthy.

Have you take the time to hear or check the lyrics, they are meaningless. They make no sense as a whole. If anything, there are some lines saying good girls like sex (why not?) and other lines admitting the fact that any man is the creator or the owner of any girl, and no girl needs permission to go for it. Again, what’s the big fuzz for?

The unrated video, by the way, the topless version, could be a bit more debatable. I would get the arguments of women used as sexual objects, which obviously they are. But these girls seem to be having a nice time with Thicke and Pharrel. And I would dare to bet that they were nicely paid as well. On the other hand, women are so blatantly objectified on so many other TV shows, and films, and literature, and no one seem to be upset about it.

Isn’t there anyone who notice how dummy most of Sorkin’s female characters are? The West Wing was full of cute, tender, generous women, but they were never nearly as clever as their male bosses. It’s happening again in The Newsroom, by the way. (To be noticed: I love both shows). And have you seen Oz, the Greatest and Powerful? There you have it, good old male chauvinism at its best! And I didn’t read much media coverage debating it…

Women’s image has been downplayed and objectified by the media. Beauty standards have become unreachable which is hurting so many teen girls in so many ways. Our capacity to lead has been repeatedly dismissed, and contested our right to decide whether to be pregnant. Our wages are still lower than men’s. The education of a girl is still a luxury in so many places on this planet. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So do you really think Thicke’s song and video clip is such a huge deal? I would say no. Thicke’s Paula Patton’s husband, I would risk saying she will keep him on a short leach.

Don’t believe me? Check for instance Miss Representation by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, you’ll get my point.


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