Weekly photo challenge: Community

Posted: December 13, 2013 by jennroig in Chronicles, English, Photography, Travels
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This week’s photo challenge is about community. According to the writer, she thinks “of this word, I imagine all sorts of scenes: A family sitting and chatting in a living room. Crowds gathering in squares to watch a holiday tree lighting. Or even some of the spaces on the web that I frequently visit”.

However, I’d like to take the concept further beyond. Let’s say, I would think of community when a group works, collaborates, around the same purpose, whether a group of humans or anything else.

For instance, I see community in a group of migrant birds.

(CC)jennroig, the coast of New Jersey, October 2012

(CC)jennroig, the coast of New Jersey, October 2012

Or in this group of local Genzanesi -inhabitants from Genzano di Roma, a village on the outskirts of Rome- that every year gather to prepare their “painting” for the annual Infiorata.

(CC) jennroig, Infiorata, June 2011

(CC) jennroig, Infiorata, June 2011

Preparation for this group of volunteers involves everything from the design, to budget and the gathering of materials, and to build the frame during a long night, in order to come up with something like this:

Infiorata, 2011, Genzano di Roma, Italy

Infiorata, 2011, Genzano di Roma, Italy

Finally, I see community in these “Human Towers”, Torres Humanas, which are tradition in Catalonia. I have never seen an actual human tower, but judging from this statue that I found in Tarragona, it has to be amazing.

Tarragona, Summer 2010

Tarragona, Summer 2010


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