Please photographers, change your profile pictures

Posted: March 20, 2014 by jennroig in Commentary, English
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Some random guy's self-portrait I found on the web

Some random guy’s self-portrait I found on the web

If you don’t have any friend who is into photography, no professional photographer among your network, or you are not even acquainted with some photographer wannabe, please dismiss this post.

I am. I know very talented photographers, both filmmakers and still photography professionals. I have friends that are very good photography amateurs and some others simply love photography and shooting their cameras but haven’t developed their skills, not yet.


A genius of all times: Robert Mapplethorpe

Moreover, as multimedia journalist and scriptwriter, I get to find a lot of second and third degree connections on social media that are professional photographers, or not so much.

I can tell that in almost every case -there are very creative and awesome exceptions- they will hide their faces behind a camera and use that shot as their social profile picture. As it is their choice and right.

I can see how it’s a mechanism to come across as a professional specialized in taking photos or shooting film, depending on what device they are holding/hiding behind. But I want to make the case that when so many of you are doing just the same, you are not bringing any difference, there’s nothing that can set you apart from your competition. So, my invitation is: get creative.

I am not going to suggest the way, because you all are the image experts here. I’m just making the argument that your profile and portfolio will become more attractive and appealing from the moment you will use a portrait that doesn’t look like a 100 thousand other portraits. You will be immediately benefited from it.

For instance, go here and check some selfies by Stanley Kubrick or some self portraits by Vivian Maier.

Check the one below:

Remember, your self-portrait will speak volumes about yourself, you style, your artistry and skills and even who you aim to be as an artist.

Oriana Falacci, self portrait

Oriana Falacci, self portrait



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