My April Fools’ Day came fast this year

Posted: March 24, 2014 by jennroig in Chronicles, English, Travels
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I hate pranks. There have been some rare occasions, nuances, but usually I just deeply hate pranks.

Still, April Fools’ Day came earlier for me this 2014. It happened in Seattle, on March 13th to be exact.

(c) Bertie D'Souza, Seattle's Pike Place Market, March 2014

(c) Bertie D’Souza, Seattle’s Pike Place Market, March 2014

I was in the middle of my tourist-style-walk-around the market when I passed by seafood kiosk. They had very large, frozen-fresh fishes in display that stood out within the white ice.

In the center of everything was that fish-like creature you can see in the photo. It’s ugly, big, weird and kind of threatening. And it is positioned in a way that stands out, like if it was about to fall from the table. No wonder it picked up my curiosity and I came closer to look at it.

Then it happened: THE CREATURE JUMPED! I obviously jumped and screamed two nanoseconds later. And immediately the widespread laugh kicked in. Everybody around me was laughing. I mumbled “that was cruel and mean” to one of the kiosk sellers, the one that was laughing and looking straight at me. I must have looked at him like a lost puppy, because he gave me back one of those faces, like thinking “oh you, poor cute thing”.

I sighed, and moved forward. I may hate pranks, but I know how to be a good sport.

Anyway, tourists in Seattle be warned. Whenever you’d plan to visit Pike Place market, which you should do indeed, be aware of not staring to anything, any creature, despite how dead it may seem to be.


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