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Posted: April 4, 2014 by jennroig in Commentary, English, Reviews
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Winter is coming… sure, for anyone living anywhere out Florida…

thrones-castAnyway, the other day someone asked me what I felt most passionate about -one of those scripted questions hiring managers tend to ask you- and I felt more annoyed than usual. I don’t have a straight answer for that, sometimes I feel passion for so many things, sometimes I’m as dry as a freaking desert. Still, I should have remember that particular thing I always feel passionate about, which is Game of Thrones… New I would really want to see the reaction of whoever gets that answer in the middle of a “serious” conversation: “-What do you feel most passionate about? -Me? Oh, that would be Game of Thrones, the HBO series by the way, not the book”…

That being said, let’s go through why I do believe this series is the greatest television show running these days.

1. It has a wide segment of global audience totally hooked: whatever the announced numbers, it’s bigger. After piracy and online screenings the actual audience is huge, massive, monumental. This is remarkable: the series is a fantasy-epic story, it has dragons, demons and ice zombies, and still it manages to attract people like me, who don’t enjoy stories about dragons, demons and specially any kind of zombies.  The books are maybe nerd territory, but the audience of the show is eclectic, cosmopolitan, global and it gathers representative of many generations.

game-of-thrones-season-42. It’s TV, though it is breaking every pattern of what TV should do to succeed. Traditionally, audiences sit in front of their TVs to feel comfortable, to get some sense of certainty, the range of comfortable emotions that allows to feel sad or scared, knowing that at the end love will prevail and the bad guy will be punished and the right values will find a way to triumph, the safe thrill. Life is uncertain enough, some would argue. So far, cinema was the usual provider of surprising emotions, the enabler of unexpected endings which kind of resembled the not so perfect, in fact messed up and even meaningless, life. And not all movies, not Hollywood for sure, but that kind of arty cinema, that kind of cinema d’autore. However, Games of Thrones killed Sean Bean/Lord Ned Stark of Winterfell in the first season, who was cut out to be the perfect TV character. He was the caring husband, but not so perfect he didn’t slipped and brought a bastard home; a great father, but a father with doubts about what was best for his children; an awesome warrior, but also an executioner; a guy that was willing to stand up for honesty, friendship and justice. He was the perfect main character of the first season. But such character lost his head, literally. After that no one was safe. With Lord Stark’s head was rolling everything that we understand a TV show not only should, but must deliver to us.

Before GOT, maybe Sopranos was able to shake audiences and push the limits. But not even those guys dare to kill Tony Soprano in the first season.

BOOM-1024x564I’m not even going to refer to the production standards, the great budget, the visual quality of the series that even surpasses the excellent quality of other HBO series. dany

3. It takes smart and open minded people to get the plot, the content, and the between the lines ideas of GOT. By the way, I’m not implying that just smart people are watching the series or that a bunch of clever folks aren’t interested at all. But those who are actually able to look beyond the sexual and the gore content, who can understand a bigger picture, they can see the impressive collection of human personalities and traits, emotions, ambitions. They can get how a human being can be powerful and weak, how someone can be despicable at some point and then redeem him or herself, how pain and suffering can make you a better person or turn a person into a monster. These people are the ones who understand that there are no rules in the game because it is as random as life itself, which by no means it is to say that mistakes won’t be paid, that the slightest neglect or deviance will take a toll.

Game of Thrones bring references to history and current affairs. It offers an window to different kind of families, groups, associations, alliances, political systems. It speaks of leadership styles, management styles, warfare styles.

There’s no way a conversation between two fans of GOT won’t be interesting. So, the series is actually a great conversation starter.

gameofthrones14. Emotions. I’m a skeptic most of the times. I tend to come across with certain cynicism, especially when it comes to personal issues. That means I try my best to run away from emotional situations. Well, GOT have given me the kind of extreme emotions that I don’t get in life -The Red Wedding comes to mind- and I still up for more, eager for this fourth season to start.

But there are other, very dark emotions that the script manage to make us feel. Let’s say, forgiving Jamie Lannister after we saw him throwing Bran Stark off the window and knowing he’s really in love with his sister. Or rooting for a painful death that may come to Joffrey, who’s basically a spoiled teenager.

Daenerys_S35. One word: Daenerys. As a woman, it is very hard not to admire the character’s progression and storyline of Daenerys Targaryen. She has evolved from object of desire to subject of decisions. There is no other character which such a low start that has gone so far. She was a sister-slave under the rule of an abusive, creepy and incestuous brother. And she was all of that while others were calling her princess. In reality, she was taking more abuse probably than her the female slaves who were serving her, because those girls weren’t supposed to expect anymore from life. She was sold to a foreign savage that raped her, she had to obey him without even understanding his commands. But she learned his language, she mastered her first tool that is her own body. She knew love and survived it. She lost a world and was able to rise again with even greater ambitions. She’s sly and she’s strong, she’s generous but she gets traitors must get no mercy. She’s patient but doesn’t shake when the time comes to burn a city down. And she’s the one who said: dracarys

6. The need to set things straight. That’s sort of a reason to keep watching every new season. That very human need to make it even. There’s no way to stop watching and miss the moment when Joffrey finally will get what’s coming. Or those Bolton and Frey. The need to find out whether Daenerys will actually manage to reach Westeros or whether Arya will reunite with some member of her family ever again.

So, April 6… those who need to catch up, check the honest trailer here.


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