Collection of racist slurs

Posted: April 9, 2014 by jennroig in Chronicles, English
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I won’t disclose the source, but my ears are right now BLEEDING from having to listen to every possible racial stereotype and beyond.

The following is a list of traits that would characterize some minorities living in Florida. Probably a reason why everybody else think so awfully about Florida, it’s because there are people here thinking and saying stuff like these.

This is a sample -just as evidence that racism is still alive and kicking:

– We all pay taxes for black women who have many children and their husbands are in prison.

– While Latino immigrants work for their families, Afro Americans are sitting down, waiting for the government to pay entitlements to them.

– All Jews are clever, they all rip money from themselves and the rest of Humanity, and every Jew in America has started his/(her?) own business by age 16 and the Jewish community supports them.

– The USA government has the missing Malaysian flight in its power, and it’s keeping it for some conspiracy plot against the Chinese.

– All Cubans are smart -That’s a new one! I guess the guy is saying it because his audience is actually old Cuban ladies.

– In every Chinese family, there’s a member of the family that owns a Mercedes-Benz.

– England is the mother of all brilliant brains.

– People from Puerto Rico are all rude, dirty, uneducated… As a country, Puerto Rico has no good roots, the island was populated by buccaneers, pirates…

And I wonder, how does this kind of highly offensive worldview get to spread around?


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