Broken promise

Posted: May 18, 2014 by jennroig in English, Fiction
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I’m back in the end of the world. There is only ocean around this rock. Just rocks, sand, wild grass, and a lighthouse that could only be built by someone desperate. Or someone looking for an excuse to go away.

No one should ever get to this place. But I grew up here, with her. She’s staring at me now as she always did, evaluating the way I walk, the way I move, the way I am. She has my face but we couldn’t be more different. She’s wearing a dress and I wear broken jeans, she traveled with a trolley and I grabbed my backpack. She keeps herself over the surface, restoring walls, and I dive down, down, deep down the sea… I have no memory of this place without her. She has my face, she’s my twin sister. Sometimes when I find my reflection in the mirror it seems she’s looking back to me from the glass. Perhaps she’s the one in my memories. Maybe I don’t exist at all.

Double Face, by Laura Zalenga

Double Face, by Laura Zalenga

There she comes, with that college-student aura that lingers even though we’re thirty. She’s always been the one, mom’s favorite. She’s the rebel, the one that speaks out her mind, the one that seems to know something I don’t, but swallows the words, as if I couldn’t take it.

But mom left, or was taken away. No matter what mom wasn’t here anymore. And everything I can remember of my life in this tiny island in the middle of nowhere, my sister is there… In the lighthouse, on the wharf, running to the wild grass playing hide and seek… she’s always there, near me, even when I can’t see myself in the memory. Maybe I’m confused after so many years away that I can’t tell anymore the difference between me and her.

Oh God she’s so tan!

Sunset with swans, by Laura Makabresku

Sunset with swans, by Mala Lesbia

– Where’s dad?

– I don’t know. The boat wasn’t at the wharf.

She must have a key, I threw away mine when I swore not to ever come back. She sits in the floor, silent, she will now stare at the sea, pretending is business as usual? She’s breaking her own promise, she must be hating herself. She walks to the other end of the portal, stepping on the wooden floor with those stupid heels. Where’s her key? Isn’t she supposed to hug me and kiss me? It’s been so many years! If she wants my key she will have to ask for it, I don’t mind to wait hours until dad comes back.

Lonely sisters, by Mala Lesbia

Lonely sisters, by Mala Lesbia

I’m not waiting here, I bet she has her key. She just wants me to ask for it, so she can wipe in my face that I threw mine and made a promise I’ve broken. And she will look at me with those evaluating eyes. Where is she going? There’s no window she can climb, this lighthouse is a fortress! What is that noise, what is she doing?!

Fire walks with me, by Mala Lesbia

Fire walks with me, by Mala Lesbia

I knew the bicycle would be there. The old man kept it in the same place, as good as new, it’s remarkable… She leaves, again. She broke the locker and took the bicycle to go elsewhere, any place where I won’t be. She’s taking the road between the wild grass, she’s going to the cliff. Mom’s cliff… She thinks I know something about mom, why did she run away in the middle of the hurricane. But I don’t. I just have more questions. The cliff is so high, so steep, and the waves break so hard against the rocks… But I don’t know, I just don’t know…


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