Travel Theme: Shine

Posted: June 21, 2014 by jennroig in Chronicles, English, Photography, Travels
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I confess it: shiny landscapes draw my attention in the same way shiny objects repel it.

I keep some images well engraved in my memory:

– The sight of Alpine peaks covered by snow, glowing in the sunset.

– In Hamburg, the reflection of downtown buildings in the surface of a canal near the last flat I rent there. Also at sunset.

It seems I have some preference toward sunsets…

(c) jennroig. Santiago de Chile, 2012

(c) jennroig. Santiago de Chile, 2012

Like the sight of the sunset from my flat in Chile. The city locked by mountains, the vision of the Andean peaks was breathtaking to me.

But I am also attracted to the particular effect that golden lights can create in some older parts of towns and cities. I took that shot in Vigo, Galizia, in a street very close to the monument of “El Sireno”.

Vigo, Spain, 2010

Vigo, Spain, 2010

  1. Really like Vigo, Spain 2010!

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