Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Posted: June 27, 2014 by jennroig in English, Photography, Travels
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This week’s photo challenge is about “Contrasts“.

I really find the concept attractive, and I try to capture it in frames whenever I find it. I wish I was a better photographer though.

First: Flesh and Stone

EICTV, 2006

(c) Enmanuel, EICTV, 2006

Second: Black and White

Finland, 2011

(c)jennroig, Finland, 2011

Third: Sun and Shade

(c)jennroig, Catania, 2010

(c)jennroig, Catania, 2010

Fourth: Up and Down

(c)jennroig, Haarlem, 2010

(c) jennroig, Haarlem, 2010

Fifth: Old and New

old and new

Genzano di Roma, 2009

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