Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Posted: July 11, 2014 by jennroig in Chronicles, English, Photography, Travels
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“Relic” is the theme of this week’s photo challenge, as suggested by The Daily Post. Kudos to you all, guys, it is a very good theme indeed.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “Relic” as “An object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.” I’d like to highlight those two specific values, Historical or Sentimental.

There’s a quote on History I particularly like: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it” -Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman (1729-1797). I’d argue this is an old quote. So I think it tells a lot about how we [Humans] are as a specie, the fact that someone articulated so clearly this notion, so long ago, and we still seem not to grasp the meaning.

Loncoche, Chile, December 2011

Loncoche, Chile, December 2011

This house is in the town of Loncoche, in Chile. It can be considered a relic. The local story tells that it used to be the residence of a doctor and his daughters. This doctor wasn’t very well regarded by the folks, because rumors circulated claiming that he sometimes agreed to engage in the illegal practice of his trade -meaning he dared to operate on women who wanted to terminate pregnancy. To the very Catholic Chilean society, this is still a source of conflict. I can only imagine how was it decades ago.

As the story goes, one day there was a fire. The house was abandoned. The version I heard did not mention whether there were fatal casualties due to the fire or the doctor decided to leave town and never came back. But up to this day the legend says it is a haunted house by the souls and spirits of all the “babies” the “evil” doctor “killed”. Indeed, it is easy to realize the very conservative taste of the story.

With the debate around Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court’s decision still very relevant and engaging, I thought it was a good story to share. Oh! Not that I believe in ghost, anyway. It’s rather about how we still don’t learn to look at History to make better decisions. Or how we’re still allowing the wrong people to make them.

My second relic draws on its sentimental value.

Cuban notebook where quotas for basic needs products are set

Cuban notebook where quotas for basic needs products are set

In fact, that notebook may well be a Historic relic within a few years. Or not. It is known in Cuba as “Libreta de Racionamiento”. It is basically the document that Cubans take to the stores and markets to purchase basic needs products in specific quotas.

I’m not even sure if this is an updated version of it. Though, if it still exists, it must look the same, because it looked that way for the 27 years I lived in the island.

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