“Why” is my favorite question. At least, the one I tend to ask the most. It has also been and continue to be a source of pain, when answers are hidden or vanished. But sometimes I have used “why” as a good reply. That’s what I’d answered whenever friends or strangers asked me why didn’t I keep a blog.

Well, I had no reason up to this moment. What’s the change? I’ve been a migrant for 3 years, but just recently I’ve become officially one more member of a diaspora. With no way back. I also turned 30 this year, and it’s probably time I start gathering and storing some past stuffs that otherwise I might lose forever. These “stuffs” are drops of memory.

“Como carecemos de raíces y testigos del pasado, debemos de confiar en la memoria para dar continuidad a nuestras vidas; pero la memoria es siempre borrosa, no podemos fiarnos de ella”, that’s how Isabel Allende explained her need to draw a nation for herself out of her memories. She also warned it couldn’t be objective, and she didn’t aimed at it.

Well, neither do I.

  1. Mila says:

    Love it!!!
    Genial, no sabía de tu blog ya estamos conectadas por aqui… una abrazo enooorme Jennifer!!!

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