No casualty after tsunami hits the coast… with updates

Posted: April 1, 2014 by jennroig in Commentary, English
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Update 3:

There were casualties, after all. At least six were reported during the night. The tsunami of almost 2 meters wasn’t nearly as big or damaging as the wave that caused all the damage in 2010.

The Atlantic provided a very complete report including an animation.


Update 2:

There may have been casualties after all. Emol reports that the Mayor of Alto Hospicio about two fatalities after earthquake.


Update 1:

It’s Chile, it’s Latin America, it’s the land where “Magic Realism” was born. The news breaks just now about 300 female inmates had escaped from prison in Iquique, during the earthquake or in the aftermath. So there’s now a manhunt to report. Crazy night for journalists.


According RT, there’s no casualty to regret after the tsunami hit Chilean coasts. According the Chilean Emol, where information is released way more carefully and not as definitive, it is said that there’s no death to mourn so far.

The earthquake on February 2010 was so horrific and the memory is still so alive that Chilean authorities announced a total evacuation from any place near the coast line throughout Chile. Kilometers and kilometers of sea shore. The effects of the 2010 tsunami were so painful, and the action to prevent such damage were so poor, so disconnected, that this time everything seems to have worked out just like a clock.

Meanwhile, the Internet is already noticing the fact that Bachelet was at the final stage of her presidency when the earthquake in 2010. She recently was elected again…


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